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6pm Sat, 18 June + 7pm Sun, 19 June

VENUE: His Majesty’s Theatre, Downstairs at The Maj

Perth jazz darlings Ali Bodycoat and Libby Hammer perform a stunning collection of songs that celebrate gender and sexual diversity in our community.

Supported by a world class jazz trio, our two glamour gals give the cabaret mashup treatment to classics from musical theatre, pop, country, disco and the great American songbook.

Through a repertoire selected carefully from 1920s cabaret, the political 1970s right up until now, they explore issues surrounding gender inequality and come to the joyful and definite conclusion that we all have the same right to love.

So get your glad rags on and be prepared to join in on a bit of a singalong at the end!

Ali and Libby have been performing together for nigh-on 25 years, and have at least nine collaborative acts to show for it.

Their chemistry has developed through years of singing together, not to mention the many years of gossiping over a cup of tea and a sweet treat.

Each of these glamour gals is a tour de force in her own right, whether on the jazz or cabaret stage, so when the two perform together, the result is a heady cocktail of glorious harmony, perfect blend and sparkling personality.

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